Dota 2 Team Ranking | Season '14 - '15 (13.12.2014)

22/11/2014 - The rating has been adjusted - Team Malaysia has changed it position.
30/10/2014 - The rating has been adjusted - Fnatic Team and 4 Anchors + Sea Captain Team have changed their position.
15/10/2014 - The rating has been adjusted - Secret Team and Team Tinker have improved their position.
02/10/2014 - The Titan team replaced by the Team Malaysia.
13/09/2014 - DK, Liquid and Mousesports teams are excluded from the ranking due to inactivity. Their points are distributed among the other teams.
12/09/2014 - The number of teams has increased. Therefore, I am working on a script to optimize the ranking system. At this stage it will be available in the shortened version - the top 25.
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